To color our products, we use rain, vegetables, fruits, spices, grass field in front of our studio and other simple natural ingredients.

We strive to create leather goods that will be completely sustainable and non-harmful for the environment, as it once was. Oboyi use only a vegetable-tanned leather from Tuscany, produced in a traditional organic method of threating leather by using natural vegetable tannins from bark or other plant tissues.

Sustainable leather goods made by hand in Milano.

Our artisan manually applies color extracts deriving from food residues obtained with a cold press, extracting only the juice of the vegetable. The pulp of the vegetable is used for creating delicious meals. 

Some products are disposed to particular weather conditions in order to acquire certain color shades. For coloring our products in black, we are using an antique recipe. It is the only black color that will not wear-off and leave any black mark on your clothes or skin, as it is not a colorant but it changes the structure of the leather itself.

Entire production process takes place in our studio in Milan. Each Oboyi piece is handcrafted with a meticulous care by artisan designer and owner Bojana Nikodijevic and her occasional collaborators.